Property Sales

Information for Sellers, Buyers, Real Estate Agents, and Escrow Companies.
All Escrow Demands or information requests must be sent to or 360-793-7852.
Do not submit any request directly to accounting, it will not be responded to.
- All Escrow Demands must be emailed to
- A signed Escrow Demand or Sale Agreement listing the closing date is required for Escrow Demand Responses to be processed. Any change in date will require an updated and signed Demand or Agreement.
- Escrow Demands will not be responded to any sooner than 10 days prior to the estimated closing date. Please ensure that an estimated closing date is included or the Escrow Demand cannot be processed.  
- In the Escrow Demand Response that will be transmitted, there will be an Agreement and Covenant that must be completed and signed by the buyer and notarized at the time of closing and the original returned to Big Bend.  There will also be a contact sheet that must also be completed and returned.

- There is a $350 property transfer fee that must be paid to Big Bend at the time of closing.

- Failing to complete these steps will result in a $500 administrative fee being applied to the property account with Big Bend.

Frequently Requested Documents

Financial Report - Please email to request. 
Budget - Please email to request.