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Pothole Repairs Begin 6/1/22
Big Bend's contractor, City of Gold Bar, will begin working in the community to repair potholes along the roadways. 
Please reach out via e-mail or phone if you have any questions.
bigbendtalk@gmail.com or 360-793-7852.
Surveying Began on 5/16/22
A survey is required in order to move forward with our water and road infrastructure projects.
Surveyors will be moving throughout the Big Bend Community, accessing the common areas and right-of-ways.  In some cases, they may need brief access to individual lots.
Please reach out via e-mail or phone if you have any questions.
bigbendtalk@gmail.com or 360-793-7852.

Water System News

USDA Required Public Information Meeting
Posted on Apr 4th, 2022
The Big Bend Landowners Association will file an application with the USDA Rural Development for financial assistance to develop the Water and Road Infrastructures in the Big Bend Community.  A public meeting for comments will be held from 2 PM - 3PM on April 14, 2022 at 43822 Fir Rd., Gold Bar, WA 98251, to discuss the proposed project and to provide the opportunity for public comment.
This is required additional informational meeting for the general public, it will not override the vote made by private community members on 10/30/2021.
Well #1 & #2 Test Results
Posted on Mar 30th, 2022
After completion of the flushing of Well 1, testing was done for hardness. The hardness level was reduced from a high in April 2021 of over 700 to just 47. This is the low end of soft water and Well 1 was placed back online on 3/21.
We were contacted on 3/23 with concerns about the taste from Well 1 . We switched back to well 2 on 3/24. Both well 1 and 2 had samples pulled on 3/25 for coliform and hardness testing.
The satisfactory coliform sample results are attached. The water is safe. We are still awaiting the hardness test results so that we can compare the hardness level between the two wells to gain some insight into whether hardness is playing a role in the taste.
Rich Norris
Public Works Director, WDM Il, CCCS City of Gold Bar
Well #1 Update
Posted on Mar 26th, 2022
Hi Big Benders, 
Regarding water issues, we have switched back to well #2.  We pulled a sample from well #1 on 3/24, and a sample from well #2 on 3/25.  We're having both samples tested to determine what the water composition of each well really is.  We know one tastes good and one does not, and we need to know the why.  We will give an update as soon as the test results come back.  Until then, the well with the better tasting water has been turned back on.  Running your outside hydrant will pull the old water out of your system, 15 minutes should be enough. 
BBLA Board of Directors
72-hr Flush Well #1
Posted on Mar 21st, 2022
Good news on our well water! A year ago we had to shut off well #1 due to a sudden large increase in hardness, which also caused a foul taste. Multiple experts recommended we flush the water from the well onto the ground for 72 hours continuously. The excellent public works team from Gold Bar was able to perform that work for us two weeks ago. Today, test results confirm that the hardness of water from well #1 has dropped from 700 to 47, a 15 fold reduction. This is back to what we wanted. Consequently, we have reconnected well #1 to our system as of today.
- Ed Flinchem, Vice Pres. Big Bend Board of Directors
Water Manager Contract
Posted on Dec 10th, 2021
On 12/10/21, the current Water Manager’s contract expired.  Simultaneously, Big Bend entered a new contract for water system supervision and maintenance.  The new contract is a mutual aid agreement with the City of Gold Bar, that will contract their Public Works Manager, Rich Norris, as our Water System Operator.  Mr. Norris is a Level II Operator, and has many years of experience working with water systems like Big Bend’s.  This new contract will allow Big Bend to benefit from the equipment and resources available to the City of Gold Bar, as well as other entities with which they have a mutual aid agreement. It will not in any way put the Big Bend Water System under the control of the City of Gold Bar.  It simply allows Big Bend on-call access to their multiple personnel and repair equipment fleet on an as-needed basis, at rates far below those charged by private contractors in the Valley.  It also fulfills WA State’s regulatory requirement that every water system have oversight by a licensed water operator professional.  The Board is very glad to have been able to obtain this contract from the City of Gold Bar, and believes it will be a great benefit to Big Bend.  If you have any questions, please call the Big Bend Messaging Line, or email bigbendtalk@gmail.com.

Wellhead Protection Committee

Cadman has announced their intention to pursue adding a hard-rock quarry in addition to the existing quarry across from Big Bend on Highway 2.  The link to Cadman's informational site is here: cadmangoldbar.com
Here's Big Bend's most recent Water Supply Contingency Plan.
The Board always appreciates your ideas and comments.  Feel free to leave a message on the Big Bend messaging line at 360-793-7852 or better yet, send an email to: bigbendtalk@gmail.com.

Online Accounts for Property Owners & Tenants!

Did you know? Property Owners and Tenants can both register for online accounts. 
Even if you don't own the property you're occupying in Big Bend, you can still register for an online account that will give you access to Members Only areas, such as the Member Message Board and Classifieds. 
A tenant membership will not grant access to any payment capability or confidential lot/owner information.

Info. to Know

Flood Hazard Maps:
Hazard maps are published for the Skykomish River by FEMA.  Flood hazard zones are proposed to be changed for many properties in Big Bend.  These changes, when adopted, will affect flood insurance costs and where Snohomish County development regulations apply on affected properties.  Snohomish County has several good links here: https://www.snohomishcountywa.gov/faq.aspx?qid=774
You can access an updated FEMA map online at: https://msc.fema.gov/portal/home.
All work performed on the waterlines of Big Bend (road side of the meter) or the meter itself must be conducted in compliance with the current Uniform Plumbing Code, through Big Bend. If you have proposed work for the meter or from the main to the meter contact the Big Bend Landowners Association.  Homeowners may conduct their own work on the meter side of the service connection as long as they do not alter the connection at the meter itself. Down the PDF for further information.

Rules & Regulations

Here's the most recent copy of Rules & Regulations. 
There are currently no burn bans in effect.
No monetary transactions are conducted at Board Member's homes. All payments must be made online through the "Payments" tab at the top of the page, or mailed to PO Box 1593, in Monroe.  Remember to allow for increased mailing time. A late fee will be charged for any late payments. 

Message Center

Be Careful/Be Responsible
We all love the beautiful area of Big Bend where we live. The predicted summer weather conditions make it essential that we all become good stewards of our land, homes and community by:
• Observing Big Bend’s fireworks ban and outdoor burning rules
• Using water wisely and practicing water conservation at all times
• Picking up litter, leaves, branches around our homes to reduce fire potential
• Using caution, especially with children, in swimming and playing in the river