Riverfront Retreat
Big Bend is a peaceful riverfront retreat on scenic State Highway 2 on the way to Stevens Pass.  Our development is a residential and recreational community that fronts on the picturesque Skykomish River. Convenient shopping, post office and other community services are available nearby in Gold Bar.
Founded in the late 1960’s by Paul Peterson and John Gale

  • ​Subdivision approved in early 1970’s.  Formally named Greenwater Meadows Division 2 and 3.
  • Initially planned as a recreational second-home community for Everett and urban Puget Sound
  • Currently home to 222 house and lot owners with a mix of full-timers and weekenders
Magnificent Cascade Range
The community is nestled in the heart of magnificent mountain peaks of the Cascade Range surrounded by luxurious evergreen forests and rock-studded streams.Located well below the winter deep snow belt offering year around recreational activities.  The area has been referred to by old timers as the “Valley of the Sun” providing full exposure to the sun on a 165 degree arc.  Homes are easily accessible from the highway with paved roads throughout and no hills to complicate driving.  Two community parks within Big Bend provide recreation opportunities for children and adults.
Ski enthusiasts appreciate the close proximity of Big Bend to Stevens Pass – one of the finest ski areas in the region.  Fishing for steelhead trout on the “Sky” is considered one of the best spots in the State.  River rafting, swimming, photography and nature walks are all available in Big Bend.  The foothills and mountains a few short miles from Big Bend provide bountiful opportunities for hunting, hiking and mountain climbing.  Best of all Big Bend provides a great place to come home to relax and enjoy a friendly community.
Skykomish River - Scenic River
The Skykomish River which flows past the Big Bend community was designated as a “scenic river” by the Washington State legislature in 1977.  It includes a 14 mile stretch from the confluence of the North and South forks near the Town of Index downstream to the junction of the Skykomish River with the Sultan River in the Town of Sultan.  This reach of the Skykomish River is one of only two rivers in the State of Washington to have received this scenic river designation under the Scenic River Statue (RCW 79A.55).
The “scenic river’ designation was done to recognize the outstanding natural, scenic, historic, fish and wildlife, ecological and recreational values of the river and the importance of conserving and protecting those values for the present and future benefit of the public.  The scenic river law requires all state and local government agencies to pursue policies with regard to their respective activities, functions and duties which are designed to conserve and enhance the natural conditions of the Skykomish River.
Gold Bar History
Gold Bar started as a prospectors camp in 1889, named by a miner who found traces of gold on a river gravel bar. After Gold Bar became a construction camp for the Great Northern Railway, anti-Chinese sentiment was inflamed by a shooting fray started by disreputable camp followers. To save the lives of the threatened Chinese, construction engineer Edward Bauer slipped them out of camp in hastily-constructed coffins. Gold Bar was officially incorporated on September 16, 1910. The 1940 population was 307, and today it is over 2,000 residents.
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