The Board of Directors is responsible for directing and managing all the policy, regulatory and financial matters of the Big Bend Landowners Association.  There are 5 Directors on the Board. Director terms are 3 years.  Board members are elected by the homeowners at the Annual Meeting of the Association in July.  Terms are staggered so no more than two Board member terms expire in any given year.  Terms and positions of the current Board members are noted below
Residents must own property in Big Bend to be eligible for a Director position. In accordance with the Association By-Laws, the Board must include a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.  An Annual Meeting of the Board is scheduled each year in July. The Board can also call special meetings. Notices of Board meetings are posted online and at the kiosk at the entrance of Big Bend. 
Scott Hoskin, President - Term ends 2024
Ed Flinchem, Vice President - Term ends 2025
Kevin Fetter, Treasurer - Term ends 2023
Tina Stevens, Secretary - Term ends 2023
Alison Bugg, Director - Term ends 2025

Administrative Assistant
Heather Walton

Debra Simpson
All information requests must be submitted to, 360-793-7852. 
Requests sent directly to accounting will not be responded to.
Water System Contact
Ed Flinchem
Big Bend Message Line
Fire Wardens:
Brenda DeSuler 
Chris DeSuler 
Wellhead Protection Committee

The WPC was established as a condition of Cadman’s 2005 rezone approval by Snohomish County for the gravel mining site across Highway 2 from Big Bend. The WPC committee is responsible for reviewing and evaluating groundwater monitoring dated collected from the mining site. The WPC can recommend specific actions to protect the water quality and quantity of the Big Bend well system from any adverse affects from the gravel mining operations. The WPC includes representatives from Cadman and BBLA as noted below:

BBLA Members
Ed Flinchem - BOD Vice President
Kevin Fetter - BOD Treasurer
Rich Norris - Water System Operator
Bob Brunette - Advisor to WPC
Meeting minutes will be completed and available from the Big Bend Administrative Assistant. 

Cadman Members
Dave Warner
Christy McDonough
Rob Thomas

Water Supply Contingency Plan
This plan outlines options for securing an alternative source of water for Big Bend in the event their water supply becomes adversely impacted by Cadman’s mining operations. The plan was developed cooperatively between Cadman and BBLA. It provides assurances Cadman will remedy any adverse impact to the Big Bend water supply caused by their gravel mining operations. The plan must be reviewed and updated every 5 years as water supply and monitoring conditions warrant.
Water Supply Contingency Plan