Water Manager Contract
Posted on Dec 10th, 2022

On 12/10/21, the current Water Manager’s contract expired.  Simultaneously, Big Bend entered a new contract for water system supervision and maintenance.  The new contract is a mutual aid agreement with the City of Gold Bar, that will contract their Public Works Manager, Rich Norris, as our Water System Operator.  Mr. Norris is a Level II Operator, and has many years of experience working with water systems like Big Bend’s.  This new contract will allow Big Bend to benefit from the equipment and resources available to the City of Gold Bar, as well as other entities with which they have a mutual aid agreement. It will not in any way put the Big Bend Water System under the control of the City of Gold Bar.  It simply allows Big Bend on-call access to their multiple personnel and repair equipment fleet on an as-needed basis, at rates far below those charged by private contractors in the Valley.  It also fulfills WA State’s regulatory requirement that every water system have oversight by a licensed water operator professional.  The Board is very glad to have been able to obtain this contract from the City of Gold Bar, and believes it will be a great benefit to Big Bend.  If you have any questions, please call the Big Bend Messaging Line, or email