Well #1 & #2 Test Results
Posted on Mar 30th, 2022

(Click here to view test results.)
After completion of the flushing of Well 1, testing was done for hardness. The hardness level was reduced from a high in April 2021 of over 700 to just 47. This is the low end of soft water and Well 1 was placed back online on 3/21.
We were contacted on 3/23 with concerns about the taste from Well 1 . We switched back to well 2 on 3/24. Both well 1 and 2 had samples pulled on 3/25 for coliform and hardness testing.
The satisfactory coliform sample results are attached. The water is safe. We are still awaiting the hardness test results so that we can compare the hardness level between the two wells to gain some insight into whether hardness is playing a role in the taste.
Rich Norris
Public Works Director, WDM Il, CCCS City of Gold Bar