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Important Water Emergency Tips
Posted on Jun 1st, 2017

Water Emergency Issues
When you notice you have no water please do the following:
1. Call the Big Bend Phone number 360 793 7852.
Give address, lot # and Last name as well as a contact number.
2. Check your incoming lines for breaks or frozen pipes.
KNOW where your shut off valve is between the house and meter.
KNOW where your METER is and that shut off valve.
3. SHUT OFF the water if you find it broken or frozen, call the BBLA phone
to let us know you found the problem.
If the power is out, and you do not have water please also call Kim Peterson 360 793 7767. 
Give address, lot # and Last name as well as a contact phone.
If the system shuts down due to lack of power there will be air in the lines when we get the system going again. This air will result in “sputtering” “silty” and “unclear” water coming out of your pipes.
Please do the following before calling in your concern:
Give the system about ½ hour to catch up.
Turn on ALL your indoor faucets (just a little trickle) and let them run at least 5 minutes or until they stop sputtering.
Please remember: you should always have 1 gallon of drinking water (per person per day) set aside for at least 2 days. While this can be a chore it is a “hazard preparation” strategy that anyone anywhere should try and achieve. Along with water food, clothing and ways to stay warm are essential in the winter.