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An Important Message from the Water Manager!
Posted on Jan 16th, 2019
RE: Sulfur Smells.

There have been some comments about the BBLA water smelling like Sulfur this past week.
If you are experiencing this please do the following and if this is still an issue contact BBLA right away so that we can work to address the problem you may be having.

Sulfur smell on a water system is typically from the hot water heater.
When someone is on a private well there are times that the well water can become impacted from nearby wetlands, but this is very unlikely.

#1.  is the smell coming from the hot water or cold water?
If the faucet being used is a MIXING  faucet (one handle)  please test water coming only from a cold water tap only (sometimes the bathroom sink has two handles and thereby two lines).  The goal is to be sure that no water from the hot water heater is getting into the mix As a last effort use an outside hose bib if all faucets are mixing faucets.
If the smell is not present when it is only cold water, but the smell is present with hot water,  then this is a problem that arises due to the metal heating rods in the hot water heater.  There are all kinds of "tricks" to remove the smell but the best is drain the tank and start with fresh water.  Often people do this once a year (like changing batteries in the smoke alarm).
If you have questions or do not feel comfortable with this process it will be best to contact a plumber.

Draining the hot water tank:
In all cases turn off the breaker to the hot water heater before doing anything.
Turn off the water coming into the tank  (if you do not have a separate shut off turn off the whole house),  attach a hose to the drain at the bottom of the tank and make sure the hose gets outside or into a drain, this will be a lot of water.  Open a hot water faucet somewhere in the house (bathroom) this will help the water flow more easily.
Open the drain valve, and let the tank drain out,  once drained turn on the water valve and allow fresh water to flow all the way through the tank and out for a couple minutes.  Shut down the drain valve, remove the hose and let the tank refill before turning on the breaker.

#2.   If it is the cold water which actually stinks...
Turn on an outside hose bib which is furthest from the incoming water location (typically the back of the house) and let the water run from a hose for about 1/2 hour.  This does not need to run full blast or anything but you want to run through the whole system.  Then before the 1/2 hour is up run each tap (Hot and Cold) in the house a couple minutes while the outside tap is still running.  This should flush the system

Please notify BBLA if you still have an issue.
It is typical that hot water heaters have this problem on occasion. If you search on line for draining the hot water tank you will see most plumbers suggest doing this as an annual maintenance.

– Kim Peterson  WDM


This message from our water manager is so huge it gets it own link and window!!
You can read it and/or download the PDF here!

In the last 2 weeks we have had very unexpected shut downs of the well.
This was something we experienced in 2008 during the summer and have not had an issue with since that time.
Worst case would be the demand is exceeding the recovery of the well, best case we have some electrical issue that we can address and solve.
I have contacted the well pump company and we are looking at possible solutions.
Meanwhile, as a general conservation issue we want to remind everyone to use water wisely.
Don’t over water gardens and yards because you forget the hose is on.  A timer is a great addition to your watering plan.
Don’t let water sprinklers water hard surface (roads, walkways, driveways etc…)
While washing your car in the driveway is convenient using a car wash uses far less drinking water (remember we have to treat every ounce of water that goes into the system)  and it is better for the environment to wash your car in a controlled area.
And Pools!  If you are going to have a backyard pool please consider filling it on a cold or wet day, fill it late in the evening or early in the morning.
If you see someone else filling a pool, wait till they are done.
We will be looking for the solution and get information out as soon as we have any more.
Kim Peterson  WDM
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