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The 2019 Groundwater Monitoring Report for the Gold Bar Gravel Mining Site:
See the report HERE! Well worth a look...

The Cadman 2018 Groundwater Monitoring Report:

This report presents the groundwater monitoring data collected at Cadman’s Longview
Mining Operation during 2018, the thirteenth year of mining. The mine site (Site,
Figure 1) is located approximately 3 miles east of the town of Gold Bar, in eastern
Snohomish County, Washington. Cadman plans to mine sand and gravel within the 230-
acre area in nine sequential mining phases. Site operations began in October 2005, with
development of the processing area. Mining of Phase 1 began in mid-2006 and is still in
The goal of monitoring Site groundwater is to assess groundwater quality and quantity
and to verify the effectiveness of mitigation measures designed to protect the
groundwater resource.

For all interested parties... Please find the report HERE.

Consumer Confidence Drinking Water Reports

Here you will find the PDF of the report for 2020 you all received in the last mailing from the BBLA.
From here you can download/print additional copies if needed.

Here you will find the PDF of the report for 2019 you all received in the latest mailing from the BBLA.
From here you can download and print additional copies if so desired.

Big Bend Water System Capital Improvement Plan
Last year Big Bend contracted with the engineering firm of Gray & Osborne to analyze our community water system and recommend projects to improve the system and its reliability.

The attached report is a compilation of their engineering report and recommendations which the Board of Directors has received.

The introductory chapters 1, 2 and 3 provide an overall description of our water system, a systems analysis of how water is pumped and distributed to residents and a discussion of the current operation and maintenance program of the system.

Chapter 4 identifies the specific capital improvement projects and their associated costs and a schedule for construction.

Chapter 5 provides a financial analysis showing how Big Bend can operate the existing water system and finance the improvements outlined in the previous chapter.

It also identifies water rate increases that will be needed in the future to fund the recommended projects.

You are welcome and encouraged to download and review this report and provide the Board with your comments.
Comments should be emailed to the Big Bend Administrative Secretary at: bigbendla@gmail.com.
Alternative Water Supply Feasibility Study
This report by Aspect Consulting on behalf of Cadman, Inc. provides an update to the Big Bend Landowners Association (BBLA) 2011 Water Supply Contingency Plan.  The update assesses the feasibility of specific long-term water supply alternatives that could be implemented in response to a loss of supply resulting from reduction in water quality or water availability at the existing BBLA source wells from mining activity at the Cadman gravel site.

The update recommends developing new groundwater sources as the most feasible route for obtaining an alternate water supply for BBLA.

Two long-term options are assessed: 
1) installing a new, deeper well at the current location of the BBLA wells and
2) installing a new well in the park at the eastern end of the development that could be connected to the existing conveyance/distribution system.

The report, which you can view/download here, outlines the circumstances and benefits for selecting each of the alternative sites for a new well in the event of adverse effects to the BBLA water supply.

Comments should be emailed to the Big Bend Administrative Secretary at: bigbendla@gmail.com.

Additional Information:
Here you will find a copy of the 2017 Monitoring Report on the Gold Bar Pit that we obtained from Cadman.  Members of your BBLA board are working with their staff to get a meeting of the wellhead committee arranged soon.

Comments should be emailed to the Big Bend Administrative Secretary at: bigbendla@gmail.com.