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The Burn Ban has been lifted and is set at “Moderate”.
Monetary transactions are not conducted at Board of Director's Private Homes.
All Payments MUST be mailed to the Monroe PO Box on the statement.
=Never Mail Cash!= 
Allow for INCREASED USPS travel time/DELAYS. You are responsible for any late payments.
~ Soda Ash/Water ~
Well #1 testing update
May 6, 2021 

As with the last well status:
We are still on well #2 (the smaller well) and still trying to understand what happened to the main well that changed the taste so dramatically.
Right now though we are also focused on what can we do to get well #1 back on line.
Inquiries have been made to various treatment engineers hoping that a simple water softening and filtration system might work.
We did work with Cadman this last month to test wells at their site and at Big Bend.
Big Bend and Cadman pulled samples the same week and submitted them for testing. 
We wanted to know if the Cadman wells were affected by the change in water makeup; they do not appear to have the same problem well #1 has.   
Cadman wells are not used for drinking water so they do not run all the same tests as Big Bend  ( they would not notice such things as taste and odor).
At this time we continue to test on and off hoping for improvement, we are flushing on occasion and we hope to have a proposal for filtration and/or treatment that lets us put #1 well back in service soon.  Meanwhile,  please conserve water use, this is a much smaller well.
I still urge everyone to keep checking in with the website (here is a link to send an email) if you have questions or concerns  or even to say  “YEA the water tastes o.k”.
Kim Peterson
Water Manger

Soda Ash and Water System Update.
The BBLA water system appears to be back to normal.
Samples for pH are falling within 7.1 to 7.3 and both the #2 well which is being used and the #1 well, which is currently off, have passed our monthly water quality sampling.
A set of new tests were taken on the #1 well after flushing and we are awaiting those results. At that time we can start to make plans for the next step.

If you feel are still having issues with the water be sure to contact BBLA with an email.

~ The Board of Directors Report ~
Be Careful/Be Responsible
We all love the beautiful area of Big Bend where we live. The predicted summer weather conditions make it essential that we all become good stewards of our land, homes and community by:
• Observing Big Bend’s fireworks ban and outdoor burning rules
• Using water wisely and practicing water conservation at all times
• Picking up litter, leaves, branches around our homes to reduce fire potential
• Using caution, especially with children, in swimming and playing in the river
Wellhead Protection Committee w/Cadman
Big Bend and Cadman continue their cooperation through the Wellhead Protection Committee. Cadman’s annual water quality monitoring reports have shown no change in the quality/quantity of the groundwater used at their gravel operation. Big Bend also has probes in our wells to monitor similar water quality parameters.
Gravel operations are expected to increase significantly at the Gold Bar site in years ahead due to the closure of several older sites. Careful monitoring of the groundwater will be very important to ensure the integrity of Big Bend’s wells is retained. Cadman’s 2018 Monitoring Report is posted on our web site.
Water System
Work on Big Bend’s water system continues on many fronts. The probe used to collect water samples has been reprogrammed to improve collection of data. The pump was recently replaced that runs the soda ash feeder to our water system. The older pump was 10 years old and not repairable. Soda ash is needed to reduce the pH of Big Bend’s water to reduce the potential for reaction to solder used on older water pipes and faucets.
Big Bend is also investigating options to have a contract with an on-call contractor who would be available for water system emergencies and repairs to our distributions lines. Work continues implementing the projects in the Water System 5-year Plan approved last year. And thanks to Board Member, Scott Hoskin, for stepping in this spring to manage our system when both Dick King and Kim Peterson were out of town.
Annual Homeowners Meeting
The annual homeowners meeting traditionally, are held on a Saturday in July. Due to Covid-19 all public meetings are on hiatus.
The Board always appreciates your ideas and comments.
Feel free to leave us a message on the Big Bend messaging center line at 360-793-7852 or better yet, send us an email at: bigbendtalk@gmail.com.
Your Board of Directors
Big Bend Landowners Association

~ Current Events ~
A Fond Farewell And Thank You!
Posted on May 31st, 2021
It's with mixed emotions that I notify you all, my neighbors that as of June 1st Big Bend will have a new Administrative Assistant. 
After 17 years it's time to turn the responsibilities of Administrative Assistant over to Heather Walton. 
Heather, her husband Shaun and their children live in Big Bend and has accepted the position and its responsibilities. Heather has an impressive resume and had a very positive interview with me and a second board member. 
Heather will begin June 1st and can be reached by calling the Big Bend’s line at 360.793.7852 or by sending an email to bigbendtalk@gmail.com
I have enjoyed serving this community and calling all of you Big Benders my neighbor.
Warm Regards,
Arden King
Welcome our New Fire Warden!
Posted on Apr 8th, 2021
Let's all welcome our new Fire Warden Brenda DeSuler!
...And Breaking news: Chris DeSuler!

And even more so let's hope we never have to call them!!
Thank you for taking on this very important responsibility!
Their contact information can be found under BBLA Information.
​​​​​​​Water line and meter maintenance and installation requirements
Posted on Dec 28th, 2020
All work performed on the waterlines of Big Bend (road side of the meter) or the meter itself must be conducted in compliance with the current Uniform Plumbing Code. If you have proposed work for the meter or from the main to the meter contact Big Bend Landowners Association. 360 793 7852
Homeowners may conduct their own work on the meter side of the service connection as long as they do not alter the connection at the meter itself.

This message from our water manager is so huge it gets it own link and window!!
You can read it and/or download the PDF here!

In the last 2 weeks we have had very unexpected shut downs of the well.
This was something we experienced in 2008 during the summer and have not had an issue with since that time.
Worst case would be the demand is exceeding the recovery of the well, best case we have some electrical issue that we can address and solve.
I have contacted the well pump company and we are looking at possible solutions.
Meanwhile, as a general conservation issue we want to remind everyone to use water wisely.
Best to water at dusk as the sun sets to allow water to sink in and not evaporate. Sunny day watering can damage plants as well.

Don’t over water gardens and yards because you forget the hose is on.  A timer is a great addition to your watering plan.
Don’t let water sprinklers water hard surface (roads, walkways, driveways etc…)
While washing your car in the driveway is convenient using a car wash uses far less drinking water (remember we have to treat every ounce of water that goes into the system)  and it is better for the environment to wash your car in a controlled area.
And Pools!  If you are going to have a backyard pool please consider filling it on a cold or wet day, fill it late in the evening or early in the morning.
If you see someone else filling a pool, wait till they are done.
We will be looking for the solution and get information out as soon as we have any more.
Kim Peterson  WDM
Important Water Emergency Tips
Posted on Jun 1st, 2017
Solutions and steps to solving your water emergency...

~ Message Center ~
Flood Mapping Alert - Big Bend
Updated flood hazard maps have recently been published for the Skykomish River by FEMA.  Flood hazard zones are proposed to be changed for many properties in Big Bend.  These changes, when adopted, will affect flood insurance costs and where Snohomish County development regulations apply on affected properties.  You can review the revised maps online at:  http://snohomishcountywa.gov/201/Planning-Development-Services.
Water Pressure and Water System Plan 
We recognize there are still many areas in Big Bend where water pressure problems and our water distribution system can be improved.   Thank you to all who spoke at the annual homeowners meeting about the need to upgrade our water system.  We are working with our water system manager and an engineering firm to assess these issues and come up with a comprehensive plan to address them.  To help us with the water system study, please let us know if you have persistent water pressure problems.  Send us an alert via the "contact us" page on this web site with your name, lot number and the nature of your water pressure problem. This information will be very helpful in identifying the most significant problems in the system and an approach to solving them.  
Please use water wisely.  Always think of water conservation in your household use of water.  And in the interim, consider storing extra water in glass bottles for drinking and cooking during emergencies and power outages.